Our Expertise


Beatty Hughes & Associates is recognised for its technical legal expertise in Tree Disputes

The NSW Land and Environment Court has jurisdiction to hear disputes between neighbours in relation to hedges that are severely obstructing sunlight and views and trees that have become dangerous or that are damaging property.

We regularly advise clients of their rights under the Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006 and act in proceedings in the Land and Environment Court.

Our recent experience in Tree Disputes

Greig v Wolff [2022] NSWLEC 1267 – successful application to have neighbour trim hedge annually so as to preserve applicant’s views.

Advice to a client in Watsons Bay as to whether a group of trees on a neighbouring property were ‘planted so as to form a hedge’.

Advice to a client in Mosman in relation to a claim by their neighbour that their hedge was severely obstructing sunlight and views.

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