Our Expertise


Jennifer Hughes of Beatty Hughes & Associates is recognised as a leading advisor to the waste industry due to her in-depth understanding of the legal and practical issues unique to that sector.

We are trusted legal advisors to waste companies around the country and have provided environmental and planning legal due diligence in some of the largest waste transactions in Australia.

How we can assist

Providing legal assistance to waste companies being investigated by environmental regulators following potential incidents and offences.

Defending prosecution proceedings for alleged environmental offences.

Carrying out environment and planning legal due diligence of waste facilities and businesses.

Providing advice in relation to the application of waste and environmental regulatory legislation as it applies to the waste industry.

Advising whether a certain material is regulated as a ‘waste’.

Appearing in Land and Environment Court appeals in relation to conditions imposed on environmental licences for waste facilities.

Advising on the rules that apply to the production and use of processed waste materials, including waste derived fuels.

Advising whether activities at a waste facility comply with the law or the conditions of an environmental licence.

Providing advice on the legal requirements in relation to the export of waste materials from Australia, including hazardous waste materials.

Advising on the application of the various container deposit schemes around Australia.

Our recent experience in Waste Law

Providing environment and planning legal due diligence in relation to the $2.3b takeover of BINGO.

Providing legal assistance in relation to a highly confidential investigation of potential offences at waste facilities across the eastern seaboard.

Advising a waste company in relation to its development application for an energy from waste facility in NSW.

Advising the owner of a power station what fuel types it could use at its facility, including those fuel types that were derived from waste.

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