Our Expertise


Beatty Hughes & Associates is recognised for its technical legal expertise in Coastal Management

Development proposals and land use planning in the coastal zone can often generate complex legal, technical and policy issues.

  • Specific regulatory considerations under the Coastal Management Act 2016 and Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 constrain what may be considered to be relatively minor works.
  • Areas of the coastal zone have high ecological values sensitive to environmental change and development pressures.
  • The dynamic coastal environment makes consideration of the environmental impacts of and on specific development complex.
  • Boundary definitions and land tenures issues frequently arise.
  • Identifying and obtaining consent of all affected land owner (including the Crown) can be challenging.

Beatty Hughes & Associates, have a deep understanding of the complex legal and policy considerations applicable to our coastal zones.

We have acted for the NSW Coastal Panel / NSW Transition Coastal Panel (during the period in which it acted as a consent authority for certain coastal protection works) over a number of years in numerous planning appeals in the Land and Environment Court brought by private applicants.

We have advised local councils in multiple Australian jurisdictions on coastal risk management issues.

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On the 1st of September 2022, the NSW government unveiled a new “blue carbon” strategy that will allow private landowners and entrepreneurs to invest in protecting and rehabilitating coastal areas.